Preserving the Wilson Ramp

There is a planned reconstruction of Lake Shore Drive that involves eliminating the Wilson on/off ramp, a vein that feeds right into the 46th Ward and is the most direct route to Weiss Hospital Emergency Room, a local fire station, and Truman college, as well as many local businesses on Wilson Avenue. This decision was made without notifying potentially affected residents and was based on the premise that it would alleviate traffic, which is not supported by existing traffic studies.

As a member of the North Lake Shore Drive Study Task Force, I have been fighting for the last year to retain the ramp. I collected 1200 signatures to include a question on the November election ballot to inform and poll members of the community on their opinion of the planned closure. 95% of the votes collected were in favor of keeping the ramp, a number that cannot be ignored. I am proud to have listened to the community, fought for their interests, and amplified their voice on this issue.