City-Wide Solutions for City-Wide Problems

Gun violence is a horrible symptom to a larger problem. It needs to be fought not simply through a reactive approach, but by proactively engaging youth and seeking to correct systemic inequities city-wide. We need to acknowledge that these issues cross ward boundaries and work on programs across the city that support these goals.

After School Employment and Engagement

Young people can positively engage with the community through after school and summer jobs. We need to encourage local businesses to hire young residents. And if not with employment, we can create after school programming that engages and empowers youth and focuses them away from crime and violence.

Investment in 46th Ward Schools

The public school system must also be adequately preparing students for college or to enter the workforce and become healthy and contributing members of the community. I am dedicated to continuing to protect and invest in the local schools, as I have already done with my work on the council to save Uplift High School.

Police Oversight and Training

I support the CPAC and GAPA proposals for civilian oversight of our police. Our officers should be accountable to the people they are meant to protect and serve and should be encouraged to build community relationships to foster better understanding between police and residents.

Police should be trained in de-escalation techniques, especially those that facilitate dealing respectfully and safely with people experiencing mental health issues.