As rental prices and property taxes have increased in the ward, residents have had to dedicate more and more of their hard-earned income to the cost of housing. Regardless of income level, all residents deserve high-quality affordable housing. For home owners, I’ll advocate for property tax relief to ensure no neighbors are displaced due to rising property taxes.

For renters, it is imperative to preserve each existing affordable housing unit, to promote the prosperity and dignity of residents by ensuring current units are well-maintained, and create a development plan that keeps current residents in the ward. For new developers, this means incorporating additional affordable housing units into their properties. Creating housing that is respectful to the integrity of the 46th Ward’s historic communities that contains larger, multi-bedroom units will give neighbors the opportunity to raise their families in the ward.

Providing quality housing and social services to the increasing number of our neighbors experiencing homelessness and chronic mental illness is key to our community’s success. This is why I support local shelters including Sarah’s Circle and Northside Housing and Supportive Services through volunteerism and participation on the Sarah’s Circle Associate’s Board.

I’ve also signed on to the Chicago Policy Project. CPP is proposing the creation of a plan that incentivizes home ownership through financial assistance, tax reduction, and education. By converting low and middle-income renters to home owners, we can promote long term investment in our neighborhoods.