Your website URL is marianneforuptown.com. I live in Lakeview. What about my issues?

I chose marianneforuptown.com because it’s easy to remember, it doesn’t include any numbers, and because marianneforuptownandlakevieweast.com was too long. Uptown is about 70% of our ward, and most people can recognize their neighborhood before their ward number.

I spent 2 years living in the 44th ward, at Belmont and Sheffield, and while I love living in Uptown now, Lakeview is where I fell in love with Chicago. I understand the issues in Lakeview are different from Uptown. Your alderman is responsible for addressing all of the issues throughout our ward. I hear more about property tax relief and making sure there is sufficient parking in Lakeview and more about ending gun violence and welcoming diverse groups of immigrants in Uptown.

I haven’t gotten your mail. Why not, and can I see it?

Good question. Mail is one of the most expensive parts of a political campaign, so we were only able to send mail to some of the ward instead of every registered voter like our better-financed competitors. In the spirit of transparency, equity and the grassroots nature of our campaign, we’re providing links to our mailers and palm cards as they come out below. Don’t want our mail? Opt-out by sending your address to marianneforuptown@gmail.com