Science Against the Machine

Marianne will wield her fine-tuned critical mindset to take on Chicago machine politics. Scientists are detail-oriented decision-makers, analytical problem solvers, and are excellent B.S. filters.

Why I’m Running

I’m running for 46th Ward Alderman because I love our community.

Uptown is amazing, but too often, the decisions made for us in City Hall don’t reflect the values and the voices of everyone who lives here.

Too often, the needs of our community and neighbors are lost in the ongoing cries for higher taxes and reduction in services which jeopardize our safety, and hurt, not help our great neighborhood thrive. Anyone who reads, or listens to the headlines knows this is a serious time for Chicago, and serious times require serious solutions for the citizens of our ward.

As a scientist, I’m a great problem-solver. I’ve had extensive career experience in research, government, and business. I understand and know how to implement data-driven policy solutions that can and will improve safety and services and positively impact residents of all backgrounds here in the 46th. I’ve been an advocate for gender and racial equality, vulnerable populations, the environment, and most importantly, I’ve been an advocate for you since I became your neighbor 3 years ago.

When I moved here, I was drawn to the neighborhood because of the great diversity of the community, vibrant history, prosperous business district, hosting of impactful social services, and one of our greatest treasures, our lakefront.

During the time I’ve lived in Uptown, I’ve worked to preserve these assets as a member of the Clarendon Park Advisory Council, Sarah’s Circle’s Associates’ Board, the Lake Shore Drive Study Task force, and as President of the Lakeside Area Neighbors Association.

I am committed to serving and representing you and every citizen in our ward through inclusive and equitable policies that highlight the strength and unity of our vibrant, diverse neighborhood.

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